DMD Environmental are a licensed asbestos removal company, offering a high-quality management service with licensed and non-licensed asbestos materials.

The DMD Environmental team has a wealth of experience removing all types of asbestos under a wide variety of conditions. We cover Norwich, Norfolk as well as provide nationwide coverage. We have removed asbestos containing materials (ACMs) from a vast array of building types: including offices, schools, hospitals, factories, social housing and domestic housing.

We understand that our clients have different levels of knowledge regarding dealing with asbestos, and criteria such as enclosures, transit routes, HSE notification, and air clearance tests can be difficult to understand and manage. Therefore, it is our ethos to continually support our clients, from the initial enquiry, then through the consultation and planning stages to the final removal/encapsulation process. Safety and cleanliness are paramount when working with asbestos, therefore we plan every job meticulously and carry them out with the utmost pride and care.

Here at DMD Environmental we complete non-licensed asbestos removals, which are the lowest risk category for removal of asbestos products and materials.

The risk is only low where the works are carried out properly to the current HSE guidance and by our trained professionals here at DMD Enviromental.

Removal of non-licensed asbestos requires extensive amounts of training and knowledge of both the materials and the condition of the asbestos being removed.

Non-licensed asbestos removal works include:

DMD Enviromental are fully equipped to remove notifiable/licensable asbestos materials under fully controlled conditions, which means we are licenced by the Health and Safety Executive - the independent regulator.

Working within areas of demarcation and respiratory zones, our teams use the existing matrix of a building, additional timber supports where required, 1000-gauge polythene and adhesive cloth tape to form fully sealed asbestos working enclosures.

The enclosures are placed under sufficient negative pressure with all access from these enclosures via 3-stage transitional air and bag locks. Large viewing panels and/or CCTV is installed to ensure all areas of the works are visible and able to be inspected and managed accordingly. Each enclosure is subject to a thorough smoke test to ensure air cannot escape and this sealed enclosure prevents the movement of any asbestos fibres to the outside.  

The removal of the ACM’s within an enclosure is carried out strictly as planned and defined within the item specific plans of work, with all required dust suppression techniques and approved codes of practice followed. On completion of the removal work to each enclosure, a nominated Independent Analyst completes a 4-stage clearance procedure, involving visual inspections, dust disturbance tests and air sampling.

All asbestos waste will be removed according to Hazardous Waste Regulations and taken to a permitted landfill site where it will be disposed of safely.

Licensed asbestos removal works include:

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The two workmen worked very efficiently and cleared everything away leaving the area in a clean and tidy state. They did a first-class job in a timely manner. Couldn't have done any better. Excellent.

Customer, Checkatrade Review