DMD Enviromental are also well equipped to complete Enviromental Cleans. 

Enviromental cleans involve a clean of an area where small/certain amounts of loose/unattached asbestos containing materials (ACMs) dust and debris (or suspect material) have been identified and can be removed safely during an environmental clean. 

There needs to be clear distinction between cleaning up and asbestos removal. If the ACMs are still attached to the fabric of the building or other item, this is asbestos removal work. Here at DMD Enviromental we can help advise you on whether it is an environmental clean or asbestos removal that you need. Get in touch today to find out more.

Land remediation is the process by which land resources are restored to their former state or ‘baseline condition’. This is the condition of the natural resource and it services which would have existed had environmental damage not occurred. 

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) stipulates that a site cannot have gone through the planning system and still have the potential to be considered 'contaminated' under Part 2a. Whether your site is subject to a new development, voluntary remediation or suffered an environment incident, it may be necessary to remediate. 

DMD Enviromental can help restore your land through our Land Remediation services. We can assess, mitigate and undertake removal of gross contamination. Get in touch today to find out more.

Here at DMD Enviromental we can also complete Pigeon Guano Removals. Whereby we remove pigeon guano (bird droppings) from an affected area in order to prevent any negative health impacts to those occupying the area. 

Our well trained and hardworking team are experienced in the removal of pigeon guano and cleaning the affected areas, and this is of course done well within HSE guidelines to ensure it is safe for them removing it as well as for any potential occupants within the building. Get in touch today to find out more.

The two workmen worked very efficiently and cleared everything away leaving the area in a clean and tidy state. They did a first-class job in a timely manner. Couldn't have done any better. Excellent.

Customer, Checkatrade Review